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We are mortgage broking professionals with personality. We’re personal, transparent and have the unwitting determination to help millennials financially succeed.

We’re contactable and dependable. We excel in traditional email, phone and face-to-face communication, but we are just as easily accessible on social media. We’re experts in getting you the best loans, because we take the time to understand you. Hustle is our middle name. 

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We Take The Time To Understand Your Situation & Get The Best Loan For You.

At Lend Me, our mission is to see you financially succeed.  Whatever you determine as financial success, we act to get you there through educating, strategising and mentoring you.

Encouraging your capability is our mantra because, contrary to popular belief, you can grow your finances and still have a social life. We back you. 

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Discover & Compare lenders


With over 40 trusted lenders to choose from, we present you with the best loan options that fit your circumstances. 


Decide on investment

Whether you’re investing in property or buying a new car, you get to choose exactly what you’re looking for.

We check it all


Now you can sit back and relax while we check everything. We’ve got the paperwork under control, all you need to do is get excited!


Secure the deal

Once the checks and application are submitted, the process is almost complete.  It’s time… your loan is approved!

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Business Loans

business loans

Achieve your goals with a business loan. Do you want to expand? Do you need funds for cash flow or purchasing valuable assets? 

Home Loans

Get the home loan that suits your lifestyle. We compare home loans, interest rates, fees and calculate repayments.

Personal Loans

Personal loans turn dreams into reality. Finish those house renovations, take that holiday or fund your dream wedding. You deserve it.

Vehicle Loans

Move faster with the perfect auto loan. It doesn’t matter if it’s a car, motorbike, boat, jet ski or ride on mower… if it has an engine, we’ll get you moving!

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